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Benchmarking HTML5 vs Flash Player 10.1 on mobile devices.

A nice comparisons of two of the technologies in a very heated battleground right now, mobile design and development.

Comparison of performance of Flash Player 10.1 and HTML 5 on Mobile Devices from michael chaize on Vimeo.

No Flash On The iPad? No Worries!

The iPhone is nearly three years old. The iPod touch, two. And now, a third device in that family, the iPad will is here. All of these devices feature high resolution multitouch displays, advanced media capabilities and a great web browser, mobile Safari. All of these devices also lack the plugin needed to play the most widely deployed media file format on the web, the Adobe Flash Player.

Happy days!

Read my post at to see how this might affect your mLearning strategy.

The Party Crasher

What a Perfect Day.

I’m sure you’ve had one of these…

links for 2010-03-31

New Site Launched… Mobile Learning Strategy:

I’d like to alert my readers of a new site I helped create with the talented people at The Iona Group. Float Mobile Learning is our mobile learning strategy practice. We work with companies to understand and leverage the power of mobile learning. We help them meet their business strategies by making useful information accessible, anytime, anywhere.

The site features some great art from my friend and coworker, Matt Forcum. Matt runs the site Robot Beach, a webcomic about robots, crabs and seagulls. It’s good.

Take a look at this illustration from the site:
Float Learning Illustration
I hope you find the content at the site useful, as well. We are looking to make THE resource for mobile learning strategy news, information and opinion.

The Vendor Client relationship – in real world situations

I hope yours isn’t like this. But wow… when you get hit with comments like this, it’s rough.

links for 2010-03-24

The Closet iPhoney

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