Headed to Design 4 Mobile!

I’m headed to a great conference… “Design 4 Mobile” From the site:

“Design For Mobile is the first and only North American mobile user experience conference. The focus is on strategy and tactics for user research, product definition, interaction and other design, and usability testing.”

I’m looking forward to a week of discussion and presentations from industry leaders from Microsoft, Motorola, Google, eBay, Northwestern and Little Springs Design.

I’ve had some discussion with people from UX Magazine that are going to be at the event and the organizers themselves. This looks to be a really solid event in a great venue.

Exciting stuff.

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  • Some good advice here overall.
    (tags: logo design rules)
  • Until recently, web page footers had a great deal of inattention lavished upon them. They were more of an afterthought than an important element of the page structure and design. This may have been due to a comparison to print publications where footers are seldom more than a page number, or, by the erroneous assumptions related to content 'below the fold'.

    However, a good footer adds symmetry to the page architecture and a sense of closure or completeness for the user.

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Dude, Best Viewed With a WTF??? What Year is This?

I love web standards, I do. I teach a class on them at a local university and extoll the benefits of everyone using them to create an open and accessible web. Why? They allow us to publish to an audience that is larger than any other ever assembled by man. Without them, the web would be a fragmented mess and it would be far less useful. Now, they also allow us to do some fantastically cool stuff, like the latest video from one of my favorite artists, Arcade Fire. Have you tried it yet? It’s worth a viewing, for sure. Check out the overview from Mashable, too.

But when I see things like this (which accompanied the aforementioned video):

I wonder… what are we doing? Sure, I know it’s a cool demo. Yes, it’s a fun and innovative use of technology… and hopefully we are learning things by creating these experiments… They’re lovely. But at what cost? Are we fueling some sort of Browser War II? Is rich media in this “post-flash” world (which I’m not really sure we are in), bound to ghetto-ize the cool sites and and force us to revert to the “Best viewed on a…” web mullet bumper stickers of 1999? Dude, I’ve been there… I have the scars to prove it and the burnt weekends and late nights of many a browser debugging session to recall not so fondly. Remember this? Am I detecting shades of it here, or what?

So, the next time you bash Flash or any other tech for not being open or taking too much CPU or whatever is the complaint du jour, take a look at this CPU output from my pretty much new 15″ MBP with 8GB ram… This was what was happening while that beautiful piece of open content was playing…

Yeow. Every piece of tech is capable of eating up processors, standards compliant or not. ;-) Just saying.

Oh and by the way, I did write a postcard to myself. Check it out.

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Been a bit quiet here, sorry for the absence.

I have been really busy on another of my blogs, Float Learning. This year, my company has dove right into mobile, and specifically the world of mobile learning. I’ve been buried because of that, in case you couldn’t tell here.

We’ve been writing a ton of great stuff at that blog. You should check it out when you have a moment.

I promise to get back to posting here, and have a couple drafts nearly ready, but for now, I’m going to be mostly active on Twitter and may have some delicious links to post coming soon.

That said, I do have a couple milestones to share… It’s been 1 year since my URL shorteners went live at fnaweso.me and fnla.me… go use em and say hi, if you haven’t recently.

Also, this is my 500th blog post. Sweet.

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