From Digg: 70 Really Stunning Typographic Designs

It’s been awhile since I have blogged a Digg find, since most of you probably read Digg already, but this collection of links was so deep, so good, it seemed silly to not write about it if you like type. Which I do. You should check this link out to Smashing Magazine. There are over 70 examples of sexy, bold and experimental typography. Some examples are typographic posters, some are typographic illustrations and some are just sketches with type. In any case, you will hopefully find some inspiration for your designs. I would probably like to add some of the stuff done at SignalNoise as well as Scott Hansen’s work, aka Tycho, aka (Work pictured below. Just great!)

Read more at Smashing Magazine | digg story

Scott Hansen's Work

1 Issue of Adobe Edge – 2 Articles very worth reading.

The ‘as of lately very good’ Adobe Edge Magazine’s most recent issue has a couple articles especially worth noting. One on creating a click-through mock-up in Fireworks and one that reviews a number open source CMS choices. I thought both had some really salient points and I’d like to offer my take on them. (more…)

Are you on IE8 already?

If so… please comment here. Just trying to get a sense for up take on it… I’m going to be watching my analytics closely in the coming weeks. Congrats to MS for moving so quickly on this. It’s a very good move… I’m excited, because, if for no reason, then that means even less IE6 users may be trolling the internets. Oh how I want to stop having to bug test and write conditional CSS for that piece.

What are you most excted about in IE8? Facebook or Ebay integration, improved AJAX, Livemaps? Really want to hear your thoughts on this.

From Geek Glue: “Adobe CS4: RIA Premium” ?

Came across this post while doing a bit of searching on Adobe CS4… Just trying to see what might be coming down the pipe for ’08. Geek Glue: Adobe CS4 : RIA Premium ?. This package sounds unlikely, because I haven’t ever seen a strictly “developer” tool/IDE like Flex Builder bundled by Adobe/Macromedia (back in the Director days for example), but it certainly would be a cool way to purchase the apps myself and my team members need. I’m sure there are other teams out there composed like the ones at my work, too. This would be a great way to ease the purchasing situation for small and mid size teams and businesses.

Somewhat related topic, I guess… but I’d love to see the Dreamweaver team roll out an SDK that could just be used in the FlexBuilder IDE… I love working in Eclipse and have dropped Dreamweaver in favor of using the Aptana plugin in my FlexBuilder, if for no other reason that I already have the application open and it’s integrated with my SVN server, too. For my smaller HTML/CSS stuff I still use BBEdit.

Adobe CS4 and Adobe Bordeaux… hmm. Very Interesting.

Just got a note from Adobe on this…. In addition to Thermo lowering the bar for Flex development, it looks as though Adobe has a tool coming out to compete with Swish, etc… Very cool!

Adobe Bordeaux is the codename for a new product for graphic designers, art directors, creative directors, and others who don’t need all the capabilities of Flash Professional and want to create flash content easily without knowing ActionScript or programming.

Bordeaux enables graphic designers to efficiently create site openers, rich media banners, microsites, portfolios, and other small-scale Flash projects. Art Directors and Creative Directors can use Bordeaux to add interactivitym motion, and video to Photoshop comps or InDesign layouts to create interactive moodboards and concepts, making it possible to communicate ideas more efectively to clients and design teams.

  • Easily create buttons, menus, slideshows, video controllers and other interactive components
  • Customise the look and behavior of interactive components included with Bordeaux
  • Visually convert artwork to interactive elements without coding
  • Trigger actions and events from markers you add to your video and audio
  • Create multi-page microsites as easily as dragging and dropping
  • Make objects and text move, spin, resize, reveal, slide, bounce, fade, and more without using keyframes or code
  • Easily control how motion responds to mouse events
  • Import, trim, and encode video files into FLV
  • Add audio and trim and adjust levels
  • Import native Photoshop files as layers
  • Import InDesign files with pages and objects preserved as individual elements
  • Output efficient SWF or Adobe AIR files

This sounds great to me. I have had a post or two on the topic of Flash’s learning curve being a bit high for the newbie. As an educator, I really like this. As a developer who has to get Flash .fla files with prepped art from designers who aren’t too AS savvy, I really like this… absolutely perfect. Hope it’s not too expensive.

Illinois SBDC: Notes From My Presentation

I’m presenting at a Bradley University Small Business Development Center event on marketing tactics and trends, etc. I’ll be covering Web2.0 trends and advances in video, viral issues, etc. Here is my keynote document and a PowerPoint version of it too (in case you aren’t on a Mac of course ;-) )…

Keynote File

PPT Version

If you find it useful or have questions on it… drop me a line.

Visualrinse is now iPhone aware.

I have added a sweet little plug-in called iWPhone that themes this blog so that if you have an iPod Touch or iPhone, you get an iPhone friendly design. Sweet huh? I did a bit of skinning so it matches the overall look of the non-iPhone site (it looks pretty close with only about 5-10 minutes of work, nice!) I’m sure that my friend Brian is puking over the fact that the “non-watered” down internet of the iPhone (he is a firm believer in the media type=”handheld” CSS directive – which I do wish that the iPhone would use) needs an optimized version, but what the hell, it’s my blog. ;-)

With Max on the way… what are you most excited about?

I know that with Max North America just days away, and everyone at work psyched to see the new Adobe goodies, it seems like a perfect time to put down some of the things I am most interested in learning/hearing about. This includes both the hands on inspire sessions as well as sneak peeks and other sorts of anxiously awaited announcements.

Inspire and Hands-on…

I’m signed up for a couple cool sessions about Publsihing Workflow and Why Actionscript 3.0 rocks, so I am indeed looking forward to that, I also signed up for a Flex hands-on session on creating an RIA with Flex and PHP. The AJAX for web designes session should be cool, too.

Sneek Peeks and other announcements…

Hmm, where to begin? Flash player 10, Thermo, AIR updates, new supported media formats in the flash player, new Flex Framework updates, Flex 3 release dates? Director 11? Cool new Papervision stuff? Man, oh man! Can’t wait!

Personal and fun…

Having lived in Chicago for a handful of years, and now exiled to downstate IL, it’ll be great to be back. See some old friends, head to Goose Island for a fresh honkers ale… and if the Cubs don’t mess up… a very happy town with a division winner!

What sort of things are you most looking forward to about Max 207 North America?

For My Students… My Take On CSS Zen Garden.

I have given my students an assignment to recreate/emulate the look of a website using only their own custom CSS, necessary image files, and the pre-existing HTML template at In order to help illustrate the assignment’s goals, take a look at this remake of my site template in CSSZenGarden form. Enjoy.

If time allows this week, I may do another CSS remake. I have a couple sites in mind that could use a ZenGarden version. ;-)

And Now, Images Are Just That More Difficult to Judge If They Are Real.

Came across this on Digg… didn’t watch it… got sent this by a friend. Watched. Blew me away. “Content-Aware Image Sizing”… unreal… Can I get this in a Photoshop plug-in to go, please….


This would save me so much time.

UPDATE: John Nack from Adobe has more on this topic at his blog:“Holy crap”-worthy imaging technology.

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