Absolutely Hilarious: StSanders Guitar Hero Shred Videos at YouTube.

I’m sorry, totally off topic post here, but man is this stuff just too funny. ReDubbed clips of guitar heros shredding in concert with horribly bad playing and sound effects/vocals. Hard to pick a favorite here (He has a dozen to watch)… Im going to embed a couple videos, but you owe it to yourself to go check out his other clips. Genius!

First, Slash Shreds!


Next, it is time for OZZy…


And Finally… Darth Vader is looking for his son:


This College Football Season is Just Crazy!

Talk about an unpredictable season. Ohio State and handful of others are the only unbeatens. No real clear dominant team from the SEC has managed to remain lossless and USC is not as tough as everyone thought… Of course my Badgers have taken a bit of a slide the last two weeks, but take a look at this clip from the College Gameday recap. It pretty much says it all. The inevitable question.. who should be #1…

The annual conundrum to reup for .Mac or not.

Who here is a .Mac subscriber? I have been for years, but I hate shelling out every year for it.

I like the email ease of use and flexibility (Enoutrage, Mail, Webmail, iPhone… they all work with it.), but hate the amount of spam I get. I like the WebDav iDisk and the syncing of files, but hate the relatively small capacity (10GB). I love the backup app’s simplicity and power, but hate that you can only back 1 computer up to iDisk. I love sharing my photos with friends and family over the iWeb pages and easy web galleries through my iPhone, but wonder if Flickr would be just as good.

Ahhh the torment. I have like 5 days left to decide.

Haven’t updated my iPhone and won’t until the hacks are restored.

This picture pretty much says it all… A chart on the differences between 1.0.2 and 1.1.1. I’d also like to add “Five Dice (Yahtzee)”, “Theme Customization” and “Easy, Free Ringtones” to the list… honestly, Apple, this 1.1.1 update is seriously lame. How very Sony of you.

A fun little Flex mashup with Del.icio.us and blog search indexes courtesy of Yahoo pipes.

I decided to take my del.icio.us tags and do something a little useful with em… I’m crossing them with a variety of search engines (technorati, google blogs, etc.) to pull results for possible further del.icio.us-ing… why not. If you havn’t used Yahoo pipes by now… I highly recommend it. Super easy to use and they even have anice wide open crossdomain policy or easy Flash digestion.

Check it out here.

I think I’ll add charting, etc after I get a couple kinks out, but it’s a good start. Right now, it’s only using my delicious tags… but i suppose it could be possible to setup a login to get anyone’s tags… need to think some more on that one. It’s nights like this that cause me not to have finished Metroid Prime 3 by now. ;-)

Not quite as nerdy as I thought I might be…

I suppose it could be worse… I could be awkward and dorky, I guess. ;-)

NerdTests.com says I'm a Cool Nerd King.  What are you?  Click here!

Fall on the way… College Football is here!

I know how I’m spending my afternoon! Watching majors beat up on little guys. Bring on the 55-3 and 49-7 type scores. Now, if only Insight would get the Big Ten Network!

Go Big Red!

DO WANT! Please someone, buy me some Legos!

This is just awesome. The people over at PodBrix are just great… look at this new Young Woz and Jobs playset. It’s perfect!

Can someone that likes me please buy me one at 9:00PM 8-29-2007? I guess their sets sell out pretty quickly, so sit by your Mighty Mice patiently and click those buttonless suckers!

Having Problems Remembering Coffee Recipes? Infographics to the Rescue

My designer geek side loves two things: Coffee and Information Design. This great blog post by Lokesh Dhakar combines the two of them quite beautifully. Especially since he included the Caffe Macchiato in his diagram. That is my favorite way to drink espresso. It vexes me when the Barista at hand doesn’t know what one is, or thinks it’s that Caramel Abomination from StarBucks.

I also frequently order a Caffe Americano if I am simply in the mood for regular coffee, but have no idea when the shop last brewed a pot. An Americano ensures I get a fresh cup. Lately, with the 90?+ weather, the Iced Americano has been very tasty in the long afternoons.

New Site Feeds Added to MediaDinosaur.com

My Flex based celebrity gossip aggregator MediaDinosaur.com got a little upgrade this week. I added a few new sites to the list of feeds currently parsed by the site. I now have the following sites in the list of feeds:

  • Egotastic.com
  • WWTD.com
  • Gawker
  • The Defamer
  • The Superficial
  • IDontLikeYouInThatWay
  • People.com
  • E!Online.com
  • TMZ.com
  • UsWeekly.com
  • CelebSlam
  • PerezHilton
  • Pink Is The New Blog
  • Digg.com Celebrity
  • TVGasm
  • House Of Gossip
  • Hollywood Rag
  • Drunken Stepfather
  • Just Jared
  • DListed
  • Popoholic

Got any others I should add? I’d like to start adding some features, too… any ideas for functionality to put on this site? Let me know. Right now, I think I may start charting the popularity of feeds by clicks and views… I’m also thinking of charting celebrity names/popularity by number of mentions in the feeds, but I’ m having trouble thinking through how I should store that info in a MySQL table. Just want to leave plenty of flexibility for future additions, etc.

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