1 year blogiversary to me.

So, I just realized that I have been running this site for a year… Nearly a couple hundred posts, too! I plan on pulling some of my favorite posts out and revisitng them soon, but work has been too crazy to get around to doing that. So until then… enjoy my archive.

Geshi for AS3 out and not bad at all…

A very thorough job at adding AS3 highlighting to Geshi has been done by “Seld”… be sure to download this for your blogs. Check it out here… http://seld.be/upload/lib/as3/geshi-as3-parser.zip

His blog looks to be here… http://seld.be

Seld, thanks for pointing that out to me.

Leaving for Max… Watch this space.

I’ll be mobloggin’ via my iPhone and posting pics as the conference happens. Here’s to hoping my testing of the system works. I haven’t done something like this with this blog or this phone before so, it might fail miserably. This is what makes technology so fun, right?

Blog back up… Um, thanks 1 and 1?

Credit cards have expiration dates. These dates come and go and new cards get reissued. This sometimes causes issues with auto-billing systems. In the case of auto-debitting accounts for webhosting at 1and1, I guess you don’t get notified before they turn your stuff off. Great customer service, right? So, I editted my payment info at 4PM Friday, as soon as I noticed my site was down (I guess it was down starting midday Thursday, but I was too busy with work to notice), and they didn’t reinstate it until just an hour ago. (8:30 AM, Monday)… Total Bullshit.

Wow! Advanced WYSIWYG in WordPress 2.1


I’ve long wanted more out WordPress’s default editor, and it looks Just Some Dot Com has found it for me! Wow. Awesome… Next time you’re in WordPress check this out…

From the post:

“By using the following key commands, most users will can reveal a second set of features that will enhance their post writing experience:

Windows Firefox: Alt+Shift+V (Firefox)
Windows Internet Explorer: Alt+V (Internet Explorer)
Mac OS X Firefox: Ctrl+V
Mac OS X Safari: Sorry Charlie”

Definitely a great find!

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