How to Fix iPhone 4 Reception Issues

The last 20 seconds cover it… literally. ;-)

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  1. killian Jul 12

    Duct Tape is always the answer.

  2. stevodevo Jul 12

    The best solution would be to just get an android phone and you can hold it in any position and still get good reception.

  3. Lara Jul 19

    It might spoil the look, but then you just buy better looking duct tape. :)

  4. convert wmv Aug 6

    YES,look Duct Tape

  5. Website Design Ottawa Aug 7

    Well as long as you’re right handed you should be fine ;)

  6. Dan Aug 9

    wow thanks for that.. my iphone just arrived today, that’ll save me some trouble :D

  7. Lada Aug 10

    thanks for video tutorial

  8. John Alden Aug 25

    Occam’s razor. It’s as simple as it gets. But at the moment, this seems like the best solution :)

  9. rob@meanpod Jan 28

    A £400 phone fixed with duct tape where will the madness end. Surely when you design a phone you design it to send and receive calls first then worry about everything else. Obviously not when you’re Apple. Good video

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