Benchmarking HTML5 vs Flash Player 10.1 on mobile devices.

A nice comparisons of two of the technologies in a very heated battleground right now, mobile design and development.

Comparison of performance of Flash Player 10.1 and HTML 5 on Mobile Devices from michael chaize on Vimeo.

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  1. Rob Apr 20

    Wait a minute… Steve Jobs says Flash is bad and HTML5 is better. He couldn’t possibly be wrong or worse… misrepresenting HTML5 for his own benefit, could he?

  2. Web Design Surrey Apr 29

    I’ll always be biased towards flash :-D

  3. Mark Apr 29

    I’d love to see this chart, but it doesn’t work on my iPhone for some reason?

  4. Oliver Apr 29

    try runing a HD movie in each, until each phone drains its battery. No need to code anything, the author of the vide is missing the main point, flash is mainly used as video in web sites.

  5. David Apr 29

    Who said speed was ever even ONE of the Major issues Apple is dropping Flash support. Crashing, Closed System, layers of code for generic Multi platform programs,Battery Life, Lack of support for OS X, ECT have all been mentioned. This sounds like a common smoke screen. Show something that has nothing to do with the issues, to make people forget the real issues. Funny how much people who slam Apple for no flash support are Apple haters and never going to buy a Apple products. I like Apple, but I don’t worship Apple, they are in it for a profit people, like every company in this world! After hearing Jobs explanation, I have to say I agree. Hell Adobe is terrible to work with in many respects, let alone waiting years for fixes, taking over your computer to register a product, and waiting 10 years for full OS X support! Oh and for the record , I own almost every product Adobe makes for the Mac and use them daily. Jobs in not God or perfect, as history tells us, but on this one I believe he is fighting the correct battle.

  6. z Apr 30

    No, Oliver, the author is not missing the main point – he’s just talking about one of the main points people like to complain about. Want to talk battery life though? Use these videos instead.

    A funny game of moving goalposts, this is.

  7. Wayne May 1

    Unfortunately David, none of the issues you bring up affect the majority of people, just those few who use OS X. For most of us on Windows (and Linux), Flash works well and is easily blockable anyway. It’s funny how people like you who slam anyone who defends Flash always ignore that fact.

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