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On the move. Headed to mLearnCon in June. San Diego, here I come!

A brand spanking new conference put on by the eLearning Guild, mLearnCon is set to happen in San Diego in June. I just got heads up that my session was accepted, so expect to see me there. I’m totally psyched top be a part of this groundbreaking event. It’s is the first mLearning event of this scale that I have heard of, so I’m expecting a lot. I have been to several eLearning Guild events and been part of the organization for a couple years now, so I know that they put awesome happenings together. From their site:

This event focuses on every aspect of mobile learning including management strategies, platforms (SmartPhones, PDAs, iPods, Tablets, etc), operating systems (Android, BlackBerry, iPhone OS X, Palm, Symbian, Windows Mobile, etc.), authoring tools and technologies, content design & development, and best practices. Whether you are working in academic, corporate, government, or military settings … mLearnCon will give you the ideas, information and community your organization needs to succeed.

I’ll be presenting on “Building m-Learning With Your Existing Toolkit”. The session will be focused on providing you, as the mLearning designer and developer, creative ideas to leverage things you already know about media production and interactive design and development in creating mLearning. Many professionals get hung up on the idea that everything has to be an active application to make use of the device or be perceived as being fully functional. I have some great examples, some information to share and code snippets to show that will change the way you think about mobile development.

You should really consider registering for this one. It’s going to be amazing. The keynotes are brilliant, there are Pre-conference Certificate Programs, and hey… it is in San Diego.

I’m speaking at D2WC! Designer and Developer Workflow Conference in Kansas City.

My summer is getting booked up. I heard recently that I will be speaking at D2WC in Kansas City. Woot!

From their site:

What is a workflow conference? It’s an opportunity for Web professionals to learn how to use their tools and collaborate with their teams more effectively. It’s two full days of intense real-world information from leading professionals in the business, including many Adobe Evangelists and Adobe Community Professionals.

I’m on the speaking bill with some great professionals that I admire and respect. Adam Flater, Andy Matthews, Andy Powell, Ben Stucki, Scott Janousek and so many others. It’s going to be a fantastic conference. It’s taking place from June 19-20. This two day event is discounted with Early Bird pricing of $175 (ends April 1). Tickets will be $225 after that. A great price for this much information.

I really love these smaller community centered events. They are a great opportunity to connect with regional professionals that share the same interests as you. Perfect!

links for 2010-03-07

  • The Rotate Images JavaScript swaps images automatically on a timer. The code supports many options and features, such as:

    Random Rotation
    PHP Images to Rotator
    Random Image Display, Sequential or random rotation. Linked or unlinked images. Linked images can all have the same destination URL or each can specify its own. Opening sub-windows and executing custom function calls onclick are also supported by the code.
    Rotate titles or captions with image rotation.
    Multiple instances are supported.
    Customizable rate of rotation.
    Images of varying dimensions can be included in the rotation.
    Pause/resume onmouseover/mouseout.
    Optional transition filter for Internet Explorer on Windows.[1]
    PHP directory listing as source of images.

  • Image Cross Fader – This version uses unobtrusive DOM scripting and semantic markup to achieve its goals, and is somewhat less abusive of the CPU in Firefox. It also works in Safari – the original version was written prior to Safari supporting the CSS3 "opacity" property. Opera doesn't support opacity, so the images will just flip in that browser.
  • Create a tabbed content rotator (not sure what to call it really) using everyone’s favorite Javascript framework, jQuery and an interface library called jQuery UI
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