360|Flex Links, Deck and More.

360|flex Indy is a wrap. A great show put on by Tom Ortega and John Wilker. Tons of great speakers, a nice conference center, and some really cool people. I learned a lot, met a lot of new contacts and had some fun. I also saw Star Trek (sorry Honey, I’ll go see it with you too.). Not only did I see some great presentations by people like Doug McCune, Bryce Barrand, Juan Sanchez and many many others, I was also a presenter at the show. A heartfelt thanks to Tom and John for the invite!

I had a great turn out for my session, “Developers are from Mars, Designers are from Venus”. It was a blast to talk to people and have them relate their stories of collaboration issues and the workplace. I think some new ideas were brought forth for some of the participants and would love it if they commented here on the content.

That said, I promised I would share my reading list and some links mentioned in the presentation… so, here is a list of the books I mentioned, plus a few extras.

And the quote from Zeldman I mentioned, originally posted to Twitter here:

Content precedes design. Design in the absence of content is not design, it’s decoration.

Some of the sites I mentioned to check out.

Finally, in case you did have a copy of the deck, here you go: 360|Flex Presentation Deck. Thanks for coming!

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