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From Digg: Firefox eclipses IE6 in web share, threatens IE7

Now we’re talking about progress…. Thank the maker! Can’t wait to totally abandon support for this. We have made active steps towards pushing our clients away from this. Most of the time, IE6 support is only added as additional cost if the client asks for it or their user base requires it. Adding it in only adds extra development time.

Firefox 3 has become the first non-Microsoft web browser to overtake Internet Explorer 6 in market share, according to new data from StatCounter. The open source browser climbed to 24 percent of users in February while IE6 dipped to just over 22.6 percent, making Firefox the second most popular browser by individual versions.

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Not Bad At All: Iona Wins 8 Awards at This Year’s Addys

Iona pulled in 6 regular Addy awards this year, in categories like Best Business to Business Website, Best Special Effects, Best Audio, Best Local Ad Campaign, Best Use of Text Messaging in Advertising and Non Broadcast video. (Check out the links to see the samples). In addition to the regular awards, two special awards were won, a Judge’s Choice award for the Bradley Gala Text Messaging project based on creativity, and an Award of Excellence given to Steve McNair and Scott McCormick (two of the founding partners of the Iona Group) to commemorate their 25 years of great service to the local advertising marketplace.

Congrats to all involved on these efforts. We did some great work and it got noticed. If you’re interested in learning more about the winning projects (toolsets, process, etc) mentioned in the post… let me know!

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