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I’ve been informed that I got accepted to speak at 360|Flex in Indianapolis (hence the title for the post)! The show will be going down May 18-20, 2009. This is my first true conference speaking gig, so I’m pretty psyched about it. I often speak to 1 day seminars, user groups, classes and other associations, but this is the first time I’ve been invited to a multi-day, multi-track event. Very cool, indeed.

My session is titled “Developers Are From Mars, Designers Are From Venus”. It’s a session focused on the integration points in a mixed team and the challenges facing them. This is a situation that many design and development house find themselves in today for a number of reasons. As Flash development gives way to Flex development for larger applications, the makeup of the development staff is bringing in more traditional development techniques and technology that seems foreign to designers. Likewise, Developers now just coming to the Flash platform, lured by RIA sexiness and agile techniques find themselves awash in a sea of designer hoo-ha. Leading? Kerning? Whitespace? The attention given to aesthetic in a modern app is not something one used to battleship grey apps is used to. This combination of situations, when put under pressure to deliver on time and on budget can breed animosity and destroys the teamwork mentality needed to create a superior user experience. My session is light on code, heavy on collaboration. Hopefully you’ll find out about some

You can check out the other great 49 speakers on the schedule at: It’s looking like it’s gonna be another great 360|Flex conference, especially with the list of people lined up. Juan Sanchez, Michael Labriola, Doug McCune, Josh Buhler, Renaun Erickson, Jeff Tapper and so many other talented and well known developers in the Flex ecosystem. I’m really happy to share a bill with so many others that I read, follow online and respect.

Tickets are cheaper on a first come, first serve basis! There are limited seats available, so register early. These 360|Flex events sell out. So buy your tickets asap at to get the best possible price. I hope I see you there… you better go to my session!

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