Quite Possibly the Most Frivolous AIR App Yet!

MFG, Ebay, AOL, etc… they ain’t got nothing on this… Who hasn’t been faced with this dilemma? You want to get your LOLCats delivered to you discretely… quietly, without needing a big ole’ browser window alerting everyone you like a little “Oh Hai” or “I see what you did there” every once in a while… Well here is your chance. “LolCats on AIR” allows you to see the 10 most recently added LolCats to Icanhazcheeseburger.com and even offers a click through to the original post. Download it and let me know what you think.

I could stand to have some additional niceties added, etc… but hey, what do you expect for a one evening “Hey can I do this?” kind of experiment. I do wish that ICHC had a more robust API, rather than just a RSS feed, but what can you do? I played around with using the AS3 syndication lib, etc from Google code, but a simple RPC service was smaller and E4X worked just fine… all in all only 332kb!

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  1. Keith Pet Mar 2

    as frivolous as my desktop sheep??

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