Bradley University Multimedia Program: We’re hiring!

A shameless plug for the University I teach at… Are you an experienced teacher who loves to do creative things with multimedia? We want you to join our team of professional educators within the Bradley University Multimedia Program.

The Bradley University Multimedia Program is currently seeking technologically sophisticated candidates with a strong research agenda for a full-time tenure track Assistant Professor in Multimedia. For more specific information, or to apply, please go here.

Our program is fun, blanced and a great place to do some fantastic research…. if you are interested in making a difference and getting to pursue your passions, you really should check out the position. I thoroughly enjoy teaching there. We’re in the process of relaunching the program’s site, too… check it out here.

Geshi for AS3 out and not bad at all…

A very thorough job at adding AS3 highlighting to Geshi has been done by “Seld”… be sure to download this for your blogs. Check it out here…

His blog looks to be here…

Seld, thanks for pointing that out to me.

Nice: Flash Player 9 Update 3 & FMS 3 – But Where’s Air Beta 3?

I need to get H.264 in an Air app… Anyone have info when this will be possible? I have heard Air Beta 3 will address this, but there is no date set as far as I can tell. I have an HD video kiosk I’m working on, and would love to use a 100% Adobe solution… but at this time I’m going to have to rely on Multidmedia’s Zinc to compile an EXE to run WMVHD or H.264 through DirectShow…. clunky at best. If the upate to Air would come out, I could skip that entire mess and simply deploy an Air app.

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