From Geek Glue: “Adobe CS4: RIA Premium” ?

Came across this post while doing a bit of searching on Adobe CS4… Just trying to see what might be coming down the pipe for ’08. Geek Glue: Adobe CS4 : RIA Premium ?. This package sounds unlikely, because I haven’t ever seen a strictly “developer” tool/IDE like Flex Builder bundled by Adobe/Macromedia (back in the Director days for example), but it certainly would be a cool way to purchase the apps myself and my team members need. I’m sure there are other teams out there composed like the ones at my work, too. This would be a great way to ease the purchasing situation for small and mid size teams and businesses.

Somewhat related topic, I guess… but I’d love to see the Dreamweaver team roll out an SDK that could just be used in the FlexBuilder IDE… I love working in Eclipse and have dropped Dreamweaver in favor of using the Aptana plugin in my FlexBuilder, if for no other reason that I already have the application open and it’s integrated with my SVN server, too. For my smaller HTML/CSS stuff I still use BBEdit.

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  1. Keith Peters Dec 26

    Well I doubt you will find Flex Builder in a CS4 suite as it is a developer tool, not a creative suite tool. I wouldn’t be surprised if you saw a developer suite beginning to appear though. Some tools like Flash and Thermo could even cross boundaries between CS and DS.

  2. Chad Dec 26

    Keith, yeah, my that is pretty much my thoughts, too… An RIA dev pack would be great, though. CS and DS… very catchy indeed.

    The difficult part comes in that even as a developer, you will eventually need Photoshop or Illustrator to make UI widgets.

  3. Russ Dec 26

    Adobe DS…hmm has kind of an edgy sound to it.

  4. Brian Dec 29

    Would there also be an Adobe DS Lite which comes in cool colors like Red, Black, Pink, and White? With a special Zelda gold edition? That would be hawt.

  5. ph1x Feb 13

    There’s enough variety of software to be including in future DS..and with combination with CS The New and Powerful than ever CS4 Master Collection will be born :)

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