Merry Christmas Everyone.

So this is my son’s first Christmas… My Daughter’s 4th. Having kids really changes this holiday, that’s for sure. We are having lots of fun spending time with friends and family. The kids are enjoying having me home for an extended stay, and I haven’t been working at all. :-)

We took a trip up north to visit my parents in their new beautiful home. Played some Wii with my sister and had some nice meals. And for the kids, lets not forget the presents. Oh Jeez. The presents. We drove home through a terrible patch of near whiteout weather between Dubuque and Davenport that took nearly 3 hours (about double the normal time). I’m sure my wife will be posting some images today at her Flickr account… Sophia rode on a sled downhill for the first time yesterday and it was a blast. The pictures are great.

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