Ice Cube is Anti-Flash…

Actually I don’t know about that, but looks so in the video here. His new site is NOT using it for the video channels. There is a ton of Flash content on the site, but the TV portion of the site is a Sliverlight application. It sorta worked on my computer, but I got a ton of errors while surfing it. Take a look…Silverlight error at UVNTV

At least there is a place to go use this plugin I have installed… I found it interesting in the video they had to point out several times it works on a Mac. I frequently hear Flash developers say the same thing. Oh wait, no I don’t.

Snarky, eh?

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  1. Scott Barnes Dec 15

    meh.. :)

    It was all in good humour, don’t look to deep into it all ;)

    Scott Barnes
    RIA Evangelist

  2. Chad Dec 15

    wouldn’t think of it… definitely didn’t take it as anything more than a candid video. looks like you guys were having fun… why not? it looks to be a pretty cool project and it’s great to see more content being distributed outside of the typical networks system.

    just had to make a couple cracks, that’s all.

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