Slide from My Presentation: Multimedia As Art

I gave a presentation to the Introduction to Multimedia Class (MM113), the title was “Multimedia as Art”. In 50 minutes, I had to cover Dada to Joshua Davis. Whew. A tal order, but overall, it went smoothly. I have the slides notes in a PDF for you here.

Without checking the hyperlinks and seeing the accompanying media, it might be a bit dreary, but the art shown was of course pretty fantastic.

We talked about Charles Csuri, John Whitney, COSA, the early Demo Scene, Director, Flash and the newest trends in generative art and realtime graphics created with Flash, Processing, Context Free, and VVVV.

Thanks to Scott Cavanah for inviting me to come talk.

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  1. Sven Dec 11

    Natzke might be visiting in the spring?

    That’s awesome news!

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