Having Problems Remembering Coffee Recipes? Infographics to the Rescue

My designer geek side loves two things: Coffee and Information Design. This great blog post by Lokesh Dhakar combines the two of them quite beautifully. Especially since he included the Caffe Macchiato in his diagram. That is my favorite way to drink espresso. It vexes me when the Barista at hand doesn’t know what one is, or thinks it’s that Caramel Abomination from StarBucks.

I also frequently order a Caffe Americano if I am simply in the mood for regular coffee, but have no idea when the shop last brewed a pot. An Americano ensures I get a fresh cup. Lately, with the 90?+ weather, the Iced Americano has been very tasty in the long afternoons.

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  1. Matt Jul 31

    Just get a good grinder and do it yourself!

  2. Eyal (I love coffee!) Aug 6

    A double macchiato is my favorit.
    BTW, a grinder helps, but you also need a good espresso machine…

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