Please Tuesday… Bring New MacBookPros.

Crossed FingersSeriously. This old 1.67Ghz Powerbook G4 is killing me. I’m tired of watching progress bars and compiling Flash and Flex stuff for hours. Ripping MP3s, transcoding videos, etc. It’s like killing me with a thousand tiny little knives.

I have been holding off on the Intel Mac front at work, but have a MacBook at home, and besides it being a little small and devoid of any expansion ports or a dedicated video card, it’s a ton faster than this old beast. Now, this laptop has done a lot of work for me, and it was a mature motherboard design, so it’s fared well and not been tempramental or crashy at all, but it’s getting progressively slower as time goes on (I’ve never blown it away and reinstalled it – ever), and even webpages take a while to render. Not sure if it’s the crazy Ajax or Flash that everyone puts on their sites, or just the 2+ generation old processor.

Anyway, Intel supposedly has their Santa Rosa architecture set to be launched and it’s rumored products will be be available immediately. I’m hoping Apple has lined up to be one of the launch partners. I’ll be hopping in line shortly after that.

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  1. Weyert May 6

    Apple and Launch partner. DO you really believe that? Apple was always slow with keeping on track. Even after the move to Intel. Indeed, if they came with a new case design I will be the first to put my MBP on EBay.

  2. flashape May 6

    yeah, it’s the processor. I was in the same exact boat as you, then i got a new macbook pro (see my post here: My compile time went from about 5 minutes to 10 seconds (although that included an upgrade to flash cs 3 as well).

    I wonder if i qualify for a free upgrade since i just got the laptop a few weeks ago?

  3. Chris May 7

    i’m holding off too…but I don’t know how much longer I can wait. My 12″ Powerbook (G4) is becoming more of a paper weight than anything else.

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