All this talk about Photoshop as a verb is a bit funny…

In case you didn’t notice, this weekend on, a couple of user submitted stories made it to it’s front page regarding the use of Photoshop as a verb. Here and here. While I certainly can appreciate Adobe’s need to protect it’s trademark, the damage may have already been done. People have been, for as long as I know, using Photoshop as a verb. What they might want to do is also stop people from using Flash as a verb… I see it all over the internets. Lots of sites about flashing. ;-)

But seriously, there are people I still hear that have no idea how to use Adobe’s product names. I hear people saying “Oh, that’s a PDF, we need to download Adobe.” , or “I have a PDF, we need Acrobat to open it.” Don’t even get me started on the Flash platform naming conventions. Flash Player, Flash (the IDE), Flash Paper, how the Flex IDE can author Flash , etc… Heck, some people even think Photoshop’s name is “Adobe”. Of course, I also hear people call MS Word “Microsoft”. Not Word, but “Microsoft”.¬† In some ways, Adobe should be thankful that the Photoshop name is so ubiquitous and understandable, even non Photoshop users know what it means to Photoshop something out of an image.

Point is, trademarks aside, I guess there is no really effective way to change how people out in the real world talk about you.

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  1. Lawrence Apr 24

    Well, Adobe could sue the trademark abusers until they cry. And then offer them a Kleenex. Er, tissue paper.

  2. Amakusa Apr 25

    In Soviet Russia, Photoshop uses You! I’m really sorry but I couldn’t help it.

    Adobe¬Ć Photoshop¬Ć has now become a meme. Nothing can stop that now. Next thing you know, it’s going to be all over YTMND.

  3. John Pash Dec 7

    I was visualrinsing the dishes the other day.

    Hmmm…kinda has a ring to it. The definition could be “the period of time between washing and rinsing the dishes when you just stand there, looking at the bubbles, pondering your life and where it has gone…..”

  4. Photoshop eSeM Jan 10

    It has been a verb for quite some time, I don’t understand why adobe wouldn’t welcome it actually. Through TV and forums and such, People who had no idea what photoshop was, Now knows, BECAUSE of it being a verb.

  5. Paul Mar 29

    I love photoshop but it is expensive

  6. Anonymous Jul 18

    It’s just about too late. Adobe Corp should be glad that the product has quite the name recognition to be a verb even among non- computer users. Too bad you can’t photoshop the price tag on Photoshop(tm)!

  7. Ro Bo Dec 6

    Adobe must have bricks in the head. Use of photoshop as a verb cements their product as the industry standard for all time. I need to use “photoshopped” in a journalistic writing project specifically for the power it affords the point I am making. I guess I’ll hear from their lawyers if my project gains wide readership.

    To Visualrinse: Great little feature and love the lead comment by Lawrence

  8. Pozycjonowanie Oct 5

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