My favorite little tweening prototype is all grown up!

Congrats to Zeh and his accomplices on putting together an AS3 version of mcTween. He posted a link over at his blog on the new codebase and it looks great. I have been using this bit of code for about 3 years now and I can’t imagine creating a UI or Flash app without it. I have used it throughout virtually all my work at Iona Group, and when I teach Flash to my intermediate students we always use it.

It’s great to see the same author take his code to the next level and I know when I finally get my hands on the Flash 9 IDE I will be using “import caurina.transitions.Tweener;” instead of my old standby “#include”… The code is still missing some ability to control the Flash 8 filters, but for projects that don’t require it, I will be using the AS3 version whenever possible.

Many thanks Zeh, and you’re right… It does save the world!

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  1. Zeh Feb 26

    Wow, thanks for the kind words (and the link), Chad! It’s really heartwarming, I kid you not.

    The issue with filters (and a few other ‘special’ properties, specially under AS3) right now is that we want to make it right and not simply add a bunch of custom-made special properties or methods that are hard to remember. We have the syntactical approach more or less decided, but there’s a lot to test yet. More on that soon.

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