Dx3 Conference In May… Anyone Going?

This Lynda.com Event looks pretty interesting. A broad mix of people from Adobe, Microsoft and other web technology companies and technology advocates (Web Standards and AJAX). I think I’m leaning towards attending this instead of Flash Forward this year. If for no other reason than the broadness and platform agnosticism.

Though I doubt I’ll ever switch from the Flash Platform to developing WPE/WPF multimedia… I would like to get a good idea of what the technology is capable of to see if it takes care of some of my larger pet peeves with Flash player performance and capabilities. The fact that MS is giving away Expression Web Designer there seems like an interesting hook. Perhaps by then we’ll have Flash 9/CS3 and Dreamweaver 9/CS3 in our hands and we’ll definitely have a preview version of Apollo (By the way – I preordered the pocketguide preview book).

I’m really interested in the following sessions:

  1. Beyond Web 2.0Having trouble separating hype from reality? Where is the Web really headed? In this presentation, Jesse James Garrett looks at the deeper trends driving the latest innovations in Web development and considers the broader implications for the skill sets Web teams will need to invest in to successfully leverage emerging Web techniques and technologies.
  2. A Better Way: Agile Software Development - Agile software development aims to reintroduce sanity and common sense into the creation of software (be it software for the desktop, Web, devices, etc.). In this session you’ll learn about agile practices such as Extreme Programming and Scrum, and what agile can do for your organization, your employees, your products, and your clients. You’ll learn how agile can add value, improve communication, allow for rapid correction, and make software development fun again.
  3. Experience by DesignCreating a great experience doesn’t typically happen by accident. Learn some keys to communicating and working with complex technology in a fluid visual environment. A great idea is the best way to start a great project, but how do you transfer that vision through design, development and deployment with all the pitfalls and roadblocks to come? Focus on the strengths and understand the limitations of each phase of the process, and push the boundaries to ultimately deliver a compelling experience. The target will be rich interactive applications, that use both high design, and cutting edge technology.
  4. Designer-Developer Workflow - No description for this yet, but this is an issue I wrestle with all the time. I would like to see some other peoples perspectives on it.
  5. What’s New in Flash Always good to know what’s new on the scene.

With 40+ sessions I’m sure other things will bubble up, too. Really getting psyched for this… It takes place just after my teaching responsibilities at Bradley University end for the semester, too, so getting away will be great at that time of year!

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  1. Ryan Stewart Feb 22

    Yup, I’ll be there! It looks like it’s going to be a rockstar conference and as you mentioned, it’s covering a TON of ground.

  2. Lee Brimelow Feb 22

    I’ll be speaking at DX3 but even if I wasn’t I would definitely attend. Adobe and Microsoft will be going head-to-head which should be interesting :-)

  3. Brian Feb 22

    This conference looks awesome. Wish it were a week later in the year so it didn’t conflict with, you know, graduating from college.

  4. Ryan Stewart Feb 22

    Brian, graduation from college?! LEE BRIMLOW is going to be there!! ;) In all seriousness, I’m stoked to hear Lee speak for the first time. Should be fun.

  5. Chad Feb 22

    Like in my previous post about FlashForward, when one competitor has freebies, the others do too!… hopefully if MS is going to give out some software… Adobe will too!

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